Room Sharing utilizes platforms like Airbnb or Homeaway to turn your home or apartment, a traditionally non performing asset into an incoming producing asset. The platforms themselves are new, but the concept may be as old as man by making efficient use of the space you control and sharing the unused space as well as the cost with someone else. Depending on the method you use and how successful you are with it, your housing expenditures can be reduced or eliminated, ultimately freeing you from the need to work for your housing expenditures. That savings can be allocated towards passive income producing assets like stocks, bonds, a business or other rental real estate.

This can be your start to what Robert Kyosaki refers to as learning about money from playing the game of Monopoly. Four green houses, one red hotel.

During the IMF 5th Statistical Forum, Measuring the Digital Economy, JP Morgan Chase Institute’s, Fiona Greg, found that sharing with these types of platforms, titled “Capital Platforms” made up 10% of the users income, averaging $1,247 of income per month per user during 2015/2016. IMF Video about Measuring the Digital Economy starting at 1:45 – 15:15.