Vision Statement

“Living in a world of abundance, we look to change the way the world thinks about and manages their personal finances, by utilizing the tools available through Digital Marketing and the Sharing Economy”

Michael L O’Brien

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to build a team of Teachers, to learn, educate and empower people to live the lives that they may have only dreamed about in the past, with an understanding that in serving one another, we become free.”

Michael L O’Brien

Executive Summary

“We left the Industrial Age, where the battles between ideological mindset has become obsolete. Today is the dawning of a freedom that very few could have envisioned. A new era of peace and prosperity in a world of abundance. A new Renaissance where the intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity of man rises exponentially.

The idea of today’s Camelot, lives, and through serving each other, we all shall become free. The jobs of today and tomorrow are born with an entrepreneurial spirit and structure. A new free market capitalism will evolve in a manner where man governs himself.

To take the shackles of economic slavery off, one must first change the way they think. Then, in the pursuit of happiness, with conscious planning and execution, man will find what he dreams and imagines.

We are in unprecedented times and will see bumps in the road. But, we will lead and forge a path forward and upward, on this entrepreneurial quest, to a new age in the history of mankind”

Michael L O’Brien